SCENE VII:  Non-Utopian Argo

pp. 108-126  

Description / Setup

The Argo is a ship whose namesake lies within its ability to be replaced, reborn, and reshaped. This attachment, detachment, and reattachment of parts is the ship’s lifeblood. And so as every piece changes over Jason and Maggie’s stories as argonauts, the ship retains its identity. A Utopia yearns to perfect each and every facet of human interacted space. So in an effort to escape modernism, the argo must reject utopia. The Non Utopian Argo attempts to replace its pieces, not for perfection, but to create unexpected results through non organized dysfunction.


Fashion Object: The original Argo is the tailored suit jacket. The non-utopian Argo has had its pieces replaced and its purpose altered. The object then has each of its functional pieces changed and reattached, gaining new purposes along the way.


Ghost - Caravan Palace

Dialogue w/ Stage Directions

“There is nothing you can throw at me that I cannot metabolize, no thing impervious to my alchemy.” (123)