INNOVATIVE GOULD Architecture missed fashion and wished she would come give him a hug. On one stormy night, she appeared in the form of cranes and containers to embrace him and give him the ability to express himself through her extensions. 

My wearable work was inspired by Alexander McQueen’s show Number 13 in wh ich the model Shalom Harlow stood on a rotating platform and two robots spray painted her in front of a live audience. I translated that moment into my wearable work that explores the phenomenological extension of the human body into space. From there I developed an architectural project that takes the brutalist Gould Hall and dresses it with cranes and containers. This guise extends the authority of Gould beyond its boundaries and gives it a more influential presence in the in the University District. This project also explores temporal and kinetic ideals where the spaces informed by the containers can move around and get rearranged to fulfill the needs of the every changing world. This allows Gould to experience its surroundings with a new perspective every day which is essential for innovative thinking. This presentation explore how I got from McQueen’s show Number 13 to this attire for Gould Hall.

AMAN KAUR PANACH  I am an Indian American, female, first generation college student. My journey has been full of diverse exposures to architecture which developed my unique design perspective. My interest in Architecture began after discussing the design of our house remodel with my grandpa. Seeing ideas come to life and completely transform the space I grew up in had a great impact on me. Having gone through that experience, I strongly believe that design has a profound effect on the everyday lives of individuals and communities. Thriving environments can be created through good design. The Fashion in Architecture studio allowed me to expand my understanding of design and trained my mind for design thinking. The skills that we gain in Architecture school can be applied well beyond the realm of buildings and physical structures. I graduated from the University of Washington with my Bachelors of Arts in Architectural Design with honors in 2018 and then worked at Best Practice Architecture in Seattle for fourteen months. I am currently in my first of two year Masters in Architecture program at the Illinois Institute of Technology and I will be graduating in May 2021.