WIND OF DESIRE  Jacques Lacan’s essay The Mirror Stage discusses the formation of the ‘I’ in the human psyche. From the primordial form of the Ideal-I during the early mirror stage, to the formation of coming-into-being or gestalt driven by desires, the formation of the ‘I’ is a process of heteromorphic identification driven by alienation. The mirror stage points to the development of the ego in a “fictional direction”, in other words, to the fictional “I” who will play the protagonist in the subject’s life story, forming a link between the subject’s psyche and the world outside. 

The inevitable desire of searching, the ongoing struggling against the unconscious desire of an alienating identity expresses itself in the playing out of a relationship.

As Freud has said “every sexual act as a process involving four individuals”, your seek for your identification through your idealization of your partner. Your projection of him or her discloses ‘who you are’ and what you desire.

development of wearable: ‘She’ reaches out to ‘Him’ with subconscious desire of narcissistic idealization and identification…

development of inhabitable: ‘He’ is the projection of ‘Her’ subconscious desires. He’ is watching, and ‘She’ is waiting. Overlapping but never Integrating.