ENTANGLED AT SEA The sailor comes to rest. At sea he explores with ease, with liberty and with purpose.  The confines of life on land are a far cry from life at sea. Dark, cold, alone. Apprehension grows heavy as he longs for life out to sea— his depression worsens. 

Fashion as a guard — a cloak of his innermost struggles with life from sea. Through emotional struggle and feelings of confinement his unsettled eerie relationship with the land is articulated.

COREY COLLIER  Originally from Colorado I moved to Seattle to pursue a Master of Architecture degree from the University of Washington. Fashion-Architecture studio gave new perspective through an in-depth exploration of materials, drawing, and narrative which rejuvenated my approach to the architectural process. This lead to an unconventional thesis exploring various materials through the use of computational design and advanced robotic fabrication techniques. I am enjoying applying these skills as a designer at Miller Hull Partnership in Seattle, WA.