BIRDS FROM HEAVEN The site for this project is Gould hall. The pavilion creates a sail-like canopy of canvas that floats above the roof. The canvas is at times translucent with a ghostly network of structure revealed beyond, and at other times opaque with dramatically warped shadows cast across the undulating surfaces.  The lighting for the after-party was an opportunity to take that one step further, using changing color gradients to highlight the eccentric forms.

The influence is from ALEXANDER MCQUEEN’S 2008 show. The theme of the show is about birds. The show was an ode to delicate creatures of the sky.

Angels are the birds from heaven.  Angels perched atop the building listen the innermost thoughts of mere mortals. Angels that want to be human, trapezes, circuses, the berlin wall. Angels hanging out in libraries and on the tops of buildings. I’m inspired by the wings but also its graphics, its weightlessness and its engineering. I try and transpose the beauty of the wings to architecture.

It is believed that all architecture can be visually bridged to the SCALE and proportion of the human body. But, this proposed body is not universal. Le Corbusier's modulor Man and Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man are a representation of the the normative, tall, healthy, white, male body.