Suspended in the transition
Between the night that has passed
And the morning yet to come
She walks.
At a time when even the villains have gone to bed
She walks peacefully yet anxiously
To the children who hold her heart
To the man who tore it apart
To the home that mocks it at every chance
Is no longer hers.
These lonely walks
After a long night’s work
Are the only momentary pauses she sees in her life.
Between juggling international relations in the office
And personal in their fragile shell of a home
She hardly finds the time to just be. 
So she meanders
Among illuminated remnants of a world she barely calls her own
Lingering by the closed storefronts
Hoping that with each pause
Her inner peace may finally catch up.  
After all
They are the only two around
In the anxious calm
Of a Sun
To come.