DELECTABLE ANIMAL NOEL lives in the 21st century. She is a creator of life, she is in constant flux, transitioning between the realities of modern living and animal instincts. She blends into her surroundings, influenced to recede into other’s ways, always promised another chance tomorrow. She is stronger than this, she progresses, the roots that lay dormant grow out of her self and connect to new pathways. She now effects her surroundings, spurring ideas, raising questions, and living life without regret.

RYE is a boy living in the 21st century. He has been dropped off into a reality not of his choosing. His parents tell him that he must wear layers of clothing so as not to get cold. But each subsequent layer just makes him more frustrated and impatient. He simply chooses things he likes and says if he gets cold he will go indoors. He says we no longer need clothes, we control our environment.