INDEX DRAWINGS A series of six drawings indexing a bounded performance.  Each drawing is an artifact of a six-minute performance of paper, charcoal, pastel, body, mind, time, music, air, ground, gravity.  A repeated swing of the arm to it’s extents is recorded through lines of pastel and charcoal.  The layering reveals a relationship between the matter of the actors. These performance and their artifacts are explorations of material agency.  The repeated performances give insight into the agency of each material.  The human actor is de-centered from the process as charcoal and paper perform. Marks are a record of movement, not a representation of the mind’s eye.

DIALOGUES WITH GLASS The glass wearables are artifacts of designer(as matter) and glass as matter.  The agency of a ‘supercooled liquid’ is captured in these wearable artifacts. Their design is through an engagement with material processes.  Independent pieces of glass fuse and slump at high temperatures over body-like forms in a kiln.  The pieces capture the intra-actions of glass and body.