NOT THE GIRL YOU DARE TO DESIRE The 9-tail fox dates back to a myth thousands and thousands of years ago. She has been living in the Chthonic Masterpiece of rock-cut caves all alone. During the nights, she lives among human beings, fools them, eats their soul, and drinks their blood to make herself stronger and immortal. After eating enough number of men, she has transformed into a lady-like human being, but the 9 tails which imply her power remain original on her body.

Since the power of the Great Nature sometimes forces her turn into a fox from human shape, and the interior weaved wire underneath the dress helps her resistant the nature. Yet, she has to turn into fox shape to remain powerful, so the design for the clothes is trying to be thin, and easy to be tear. This project analyzes the Chthonic architecture where she might live in and the tectonic clothes which she might wear