NARRATIVE GEOMETRY Geometry and narration is a pair of contradictory concepts. Narration is based on fancy, metaphor, imagination and irrationality. Abstraction is based on logic or the interrelationship or sequence of facts or events. Geometry lacks definite form, none of many concepts can be developed on the basis of geometry. The abstraction of geometry could be carried out in concrete forms. It is the abstraction of perception and consciousness. Perception makes concreteness to be a narrative form, ambiguous but profound.

CONSTELLATION AND AMBIGUITY We think of  a constellation as a geometrical formation of lines connecting a group of particularly bright stars. When constellations were first named ages ago, people looking up at the stars of varying intensity and density must have seen in certain vague clusters a likeness of a goddess here or a hunter there that they identified as shared references. I see promise of this, in something as indefinite and ambiguous as a cluster of stars becoming oriented into a very particular and enduring image of state. From macro level of clusters to micro level of ink blots.: Contradictions between geometry and narration fascinates me. Things that we hold very specific are merely materials and forms in the law of nature, originated more or less without a plan. Just like a cloud, changing into different things. Able to coexist with what was there before and also get along well with whatever turns up. Flexible and fuzzy. Designing in the same time Building, without a plan, where am I going? to where am I expanding?  Thinking about fashion and architecture means imagining the world in ways beyond scale. On the left is the neuron and connections in the brain, taken by Mark Miller. On the right is the Virgo Consortium Simulations. Things on Mega level, things on micro level are deeply interrelated. Are we all just brain cells in a larger creature, on a planetary scale, that has yet to become self-aware? Making an architecture as making a cloth Thinking architecture as near body fashion; Thinking fashion as far body architecture